The Emergent Digital Media class experiments with recent forms of image and sound generation using Machine Learning-based processes or 3D simulations. We work with game engines, video mixers and generative image processes. One focus is the critical questioning of one’s own resources and a theoretical foundation of one’s own media use.

Based in media theory, we investigate the political economy of digital media, their function as instruments of surveillance and propaganda, and their possible sustainable use with regard to their energy and raw material consumption, e.g. through the consistent avoidance of proprietary stacks and infrastructures.


Tue May 14, 2024, 7pm, Room E.O2.29, Neubau
Roland Meyer: Dreamworlds of Platform Capitalism – Synthetic Media in Networked Image Cultures


Tue May 28, 2024, 7pm, Room E.O2.29, Neubau
Amanda Wasielewski: The Opticality Unconscious


Tue 11 June, 2024, 7 pm, Room E.O3.26, Neubau

Björn Ommer: Stable Diffusion


Nov 5, 2024, 10–18

Conference: If AI is the answer – what was the question again?

Elisa Giardina Papa, Orit Halpern, Francis Hunger, Vladan Joler, Kevin B. Lee, RYBN, Felix Stalder, Hito Steyerl (confirmed)

Programme overview

The programme consists of participation in class activities, workshops, lectures, practice and theory seminars. Further, you’ll need to attend art history and philosophy classes and courses in the study workshops (Studienwerkstätten). The class activities also feature field trips to exhibitions and festivals, an annual class field trip and symposium, gardening and social get togethers.

Current media are complex assemblages and their complexities require emergent group practices rather than individualized artistic positions. Therefore, beyond the provided activities, class members are strongly encouraged to create their own communal and group activities and add to the official study program.


Hito Steyerl
filmmaker and writer

Francis Hunger
artist and media scholar www.irmielin.org

For all inquiries contact: francis.hunger@adbk.mhn.de


2024: Roland Meyer, Amanda Wasielewski, Björn Ommer, Volker Möllenhoff

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